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All Wood Floor Sanding

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Floor Sanding


This service involves the removal of old, worn out layers of lacquer and sanding of the wood floor to produce a level, smooth floor ready for staining, oiling or lacquering.


The process includes the implementation of a belt sander which removes any old finishing and removes any chips, scratches or other surface imperfections. A trio machine is then employed to sand the floor in stages for a smooth finish. Floor sanding services can be used on both hardwood and softwood floors with any type of existing finish.

Our services aim to provide a long lasting high quality finish for both domestic and commercial floors. We do this by only using the latest and best available equipment and chemicals. Our standard services include hard & softwood floor sanding, staining, oiling, varnishing and lacquering.

Sealing (Lacquering & Varnishing)


After sanding, the floor is ready for lacquering or varnishing. Several different finishes can be created depending on your needs, including matt, silk or gloss.


Primer is laid, followed by a number of coats of lacquer corresponding to the amount of traffic that area will receive. Prior to the final coat of lacquer, the floor is ‘denibbled’ to remove any traces of dust or other particles that may have fallen on to the floor. A typical silk finish is shown on the left.

Oiling & Staining

An oiled floor produces a more ‘traditional’ finish which is low sheen, emphasizing the character and grain variation of the wood.  Staining a floor produces a natural finish for the wood colouring of your choice.


An oiled floor is less durable than a lacquered floor so should not be used in areas of high traffic. It is however easier to maintain to keep its appearance. This is done so through light scouring and re-oiling. The final appearance is influenced by the species of the timber receiving the treatment, as the colour is slightly darkened post-oiling. For staining, the colour is greatly influenced by the original wood colour.

Other Specialist Services


We provide many other specialist services for wood floors-


Left: Photograph of a hall after sanding, lacquering and internal line marking.

Standard Services