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All Wood Floor Sanding

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Fire Hearth Removal


This involves the removal of an unwanted fire hearth on a wood floor. This can be done in conjunction with the entire floor where the area is restored and matched with the finish of the rest of the floor. The service can also be provided on its own if the rest of the floor is not being restored, and tied in to the existing floor.


The hearth is removed and its place new wood flooring is installed that matches the existing. It can then be sanded or stained/lacquered depending on its situation.

As well as our standard wood floor renovation services, we offer a large variety of other specialist services relating to your wooden floor. These services can be fulfilled as a separate job or combined with any of our standard floor renovation services.

Internal Line Marking


This can be provided for any gym or hall that hosts any type of sports games or just if lines are required for any other reason! The appropriate layout depending on the sport can be provided by the customer or designed by us (using the relevant dimensions).  


If performed in conjunction with another service from our Standard Services, the marking will be done after the floor has cured.

Furniture Upholstery Service


We offer upholstery services ranging from refurbishing antique furniture using authentic materials and traditional methods, to recovering seat pads in fire retardant fabrics for commercial use (such as restaurants)


Please use the contact us page for a no obligation quote, citing upholstery services.

Specialist Services

Wood Floor Installation


Either installation of a non-existent wooden floor or re-installation of an existing wooden floor. You will choose the floor to be installed from a selection of recommended suppliers. After installation, any of the standard services can be applied depending on the type of floor purchased.